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Yoga workout for women-Yoga sequence prenatal-For your health and your child's health

The pregnancy transforms a woman's life completely because of many mixed feelings of anxiety, joy, and happiness. This is not an easy stage, because there are many different stresses on the body's organs, so a good diet, exercise Regularly yoga, so that yoga is considered, is a way to help prepare the body, mind

Yoga workout for women-Yoga sequence prenatal-For your health and your child's health
Yoga sequence prenatal

Benefits of Yoga for Pregnant Women

1- Yoga is a great way to relieve body stress during the first nine months, if practiced daily, and many studies have shown that women who practice yoga daily are

2- yoga better than medicines because pregnant women face many back pains, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, and pregnancy. Because of their side effects, the child is not allowed to take pain medication. Therefore, it is preferable to practice yoga when feeling pain.

3- Yoga helps improve blood circulation in the body, in addition to reducing the body's mother, Strengthens muscles in the body and increases the sense of vitality and activity. Reduce stress and avoid excessive interaction during pregnancy

4- Many experts advise yoga during pregnancy, especially before giving birth, because of the role of yoga in increasing the strength of the back muscles and the health of joints and muscles, where yoga increases the strength of the bones, and also improves the position of the body before birth

5- Exercise is one of the reasons for the flow of Androfen, which helps fight stress and stress, so you have to exercise yoga and regularly during pregnancy

6- Pregnant women are exposed to many factors that weaken the muscles of the basin, as the large increase in weight, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause all weaken the muscles of the basin, so yoga is one of the best types of sports that strengthen the pelvic and expansion muscles


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