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Causes of itching body at night and at bedtime

Many people suffer from itchy skin, where the condition of scaling the skin in different parts of the body, and at various times also during the night, or during the day

Causes of itching body at night and at bedtime
causes itching body at night and at bedtime

itching of the skin occurs in general due to many reasons, including what is simple due to a simple sensitivity Skin, and what is dangerous, such as skin itching is evidence of diabetes, or be the result of a chronic skin disease, and, as we have mentioned, skin itching occurs at different times of the day, and often do not relate to a certain time, but some people suffer from Strong desire to rub the skin when sleeping, or during the night precisely .

Itchy skin at night and at sleep:

Causes of itching body at night and at bedtime

Many people complain of being sensitized and wanting to rub the skin significantly during the night and at bedtime. This feeling may be present throughout the day, but it gets worse and worse, and when it comes to sleep, it bothers the affected person, and it may cause insomnia This is a strange situation for some, but doctors stress that itchy skin at night and at sleep is a real and present condition, leading to many causes that may be satisfactory, or transient causes.

Causes of itching at night:

1 - high body temperature:

During the night the body temperature rises naturally, which is normal for all people, but in the summer and with warm weather increases the temperature of the body, which leads to increased sense of itching, especially in people who have sensitive skin does not adapt easily to change Body temperature .

2 - Clothing:

Some people complain of itching as soon as they try to sleep. The reason for this is that they wear non-cotton clothes directly on the skin, causing them to feel itchy, so they prefer to wear comfortable cotton clothes at bedtime, and away from clothes that cause skin irritation.

3 - Bed linen:

Some people also notice the sensation of itching as soon as they get into bed to sleep. This is because bed sheets may be cloths that cause skin irritation, and cause a severe feeling of itching.

4 - Bedding insects:

The reason behind skin itching at night when sleeping may be the presence of insects, Called bed insects, insects like bugs, Lice,These insects hide in bed sheets, In wood, Show at night with a person sleeping, Bedbugs, Causing him a strong feeling of body itching.

5 - Lack of movement at night:

Some people suffer from itching in general, This situation increases at night and less during the day, This is due to the fact that movement and activity during the day reduce the feeling of the body, At night and with little mobility, this feeling is very clear.

6 - The mosquito:

Causes of itching body at night and at bedtime
The mosquito

The reason for itching during the night and at sleep may be simply the mosquito, where the mosquito bites the human, causing him to feel the skin, and increases his sense of itching. The person becomes easy prey to the mosquito during sleep, especially in the dark.

Treatment of itching at night and at bedtime:

1- Bedrooms must be well ventilated in daylight hours, preferably in the sun every day, to eliminate any insects in the bed, and care should be taken to wash and ventilation the bedclothes constantly.

2- moisturizing creams should be used for skin, especially with changing body temperature, to avoid itching.

3- It is also possible to remove any pets from the bedrooms, especially when sleeping.

4- It is best to see a specialist dermatologist to discuss the cause of itching at night and treat it properly.

5- It is also important to wear comfortable cotton clothes that do not irritate the skin.


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