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Recipes using flax oil for hair

Flax oil can be added to the daily food, which gives a lot of benefits to the body, skin and hair, and can be used in several recipes for the treatment of hair, Among these recipes:

Recipes using flax oil for hair

The Recipes:

* Recipe for softness of hair:

Recipe for softness of hair

Mix half a cup of flax seed oil with a quarter cup of castor oil, Mix well and then strong in a sealed bottle, And make sure to use the mixture on the hair and scalp, Then massage the head for ten minutes, Put a warm towel around your head and see it for half an hour, Then wash your hair well, This recipe is used twice a week for three months, This mixture helps to get smooth and healthy hair.

* Recipe for softening curly hair:

Recipe for softening curly hair

Combine flax oil with olive oil, almond oil, 2 tablespoons of yogurt and yogurt, Then stir the mixture well until smooth, Then put the mixture on clean hair and cover your hair and leave on hair for half an hour and then wash well with shampoo, This recipe is used two to three times a week, This recipe helps for softening the curly hair.

* Recipe for treatment of hair loss:

Recipe for treatment of hair loss

Mix an appropriate amount of flax oil with olive oil, And then warm them in a water bath, and placed on the hair and scalp and stimulate blood circulation in the head by doing a simple massage of the head and leave the recipe for at least an hour, Then wash the hair well and can repeat the recipe twice a week, Helps reduce hair loss.

* Recipe for hair nourishment:

Recipe for hair nourishment

Strong mixing an appropriate amount of flaxseed oil with yolk egg and lemon juice, It is placed on hair and scalp, Then put a warm towel for forty minutes, then wash the hair well shampoo, This recipe is repeated once a week.


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