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Healthy diet for a loss of 10 kg weight within a week

It may be hard to lose the first 10 kg when dieting or dieting to lose weight and regain fitness. But we assure you that you can challenge in a very simple way, without depriving many foods, only you can consciously and with a desire to restore fitness, follow this diet ,
The aim of this diet is to start the stomach gradually decreases until the person finds the same level of satiety faster than before, and when the body is accustomed to this situation makes it easy for the person to stabilize the weight and follow a healthy diet after the completion of dieting.

Healthy diet for a loss of 10 kg weight within a week
Healthy diet for a loss of 10 kg weight within a week

The Basis of the diet

Healthy diet for a loss of 10 kg weight within a week
Healthy diet for a loss of 10 kg weight within a week

First: constant throughout the period of dieting is: 2 boiled egg + cucumber choice + Mortadella according to the desire to eat and prefer restriction and reduction.

A dish of vegetable  salad (without tomatoes or carrots), because tomatoes contain many salts that hold liquids in the body, while the islands work to extend the body with a lot of calories that fight the success of dieting.

A steak of grilled meat provided that it is salt-free + a yogurt box.

Boiled or grilled chicken + vegetable salad dish + milk cup.

3 slices of beef Mortadella + milk cup.

Piece of 80 grams of skimmed cheese.

Grilled or grilled meat or chicken breasts with no boiled or grilled meat as desired.

Boiled meat + salad with a spoon of ground flaxseed.

A dish of shawarma without bread and do not repeat this meal during dieting again.

A dish of boiled vegetables without salt or as little as possible.

Tuna without oil, strainer, fish or shrimps + salad + free or low-fat milk.

The fruit of kiwi or two fruits is preferred to adhere as we have already mentioned in the instructions.

Tuna tin without oil or water washed + yogurt tray with a teaspoon of ground flaxseed.

Boiled or grilled chicken as desired but without skin + yogurt with a spoon of flaxseed.

2 boiled egg + salad dish made of cucumber, green peppers, lettuce, cabbage and parsley.

* Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily and regularly.

* Avoid soft drinks in general, even diet, which are mostly commercial products and affect the diet.

* Tea, coffee and herbs can be taken without adding sugar. Alternatives to prepared sugar can be used if they are reliable and safe.

* Completely stop eating sweets in any quantity during dieting, and when finished dieting can eat the desired sweets in reasonable quantities.

* Treating herbs and fighting constipation should be taken as much as possible.

* You have to eat slowly.


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