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Is a Latin word, meaning fast moving fun, a dance created by the Colombian dancer Beto Perez in the early nineties, and depends on a group of Latin dances, namely samba, salsa, Compia, Rijaton, Mirengi, and Billy Dance, with some exercise, Zumba being The most rapid type of exercise in the world; for the beauty, and the combination between dance, sports and non-compliance and boredom, where the latest statistics of what approximately 14.5 million people around the world practicing this sport, and we will mention in this article the benefits of zombie exercises and types.


How to dance a Zumba

How to dance a Zumba

The dance is performed in the gymnasiums where the dance is usually performed in a group where the dance begins with the light and quiet heating under the influence of the quiet music and the presence of the Zumba coach for supervision, instruction and direction. Then the rhythm of the music gradually begins to rise and as the dance moves, To apply in the tutorial or move from dance to dance, such as the rumba, salsa, hip hop and others that are part of the fitness program.

The benefits of the Zumba dance for slimming

Zumba dance for slimming

 * The performance of the various zuma dances, which are based on the fast and vigorous movement for one hour a day, burn calories between 400 to 600 calories, and regularly and consistently, the person reaches the required weight loss. The Zumba dance is considered the most popular sport for slimming and losing weight.

* Burning fat accumulates on the waist and around the abdomen and has a role in tensing the abdominal muscles

* Increase the level of metabolism in the body thereby eliminating excess calories and then sculpting the body.

* The performance of the dance requires the movement of all the muscles and bones of the body and thus contribute to weight loss and reduce it in a consistent manner.

* Obtained muscle strength due to the tightening of all muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, arms and waist due to rapid rhythmic movements contributing to weight loss and also due to excessive sweating during exercise.

The benefits of the Zumba dance of the body

benefits of the Zumba dance

* Improve mood and calm nerves Meeting together sports, music and dance together has an active role in the fight against depression and tension and nervousness and discharge all shipments and negative energies carried by the individual as a result of the rise of the hormone androfen, which is responsible for feeling happy and comfortable .

* Strengthen the muscles of the pelvis.

* Improve blood circulation, strengthen blood vessels and improve heart health.

* Energize and revitalize skin and face due to improved blood flow to all parts of the body.

* Increased interconnection between mind and Zumba requires compatibility between the mental and muscle 


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